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Hi I'm Clarice!


I am a British comic artist and cartoonist specialising in sad dogs and self-deprecating comedy. My introspective comics go from wholesome to savage fast enough to give you whiplash. I love a quippy one-liner and I love a painfully honest punchline.


But it’s not just webcomics! I also write longer-form illustrated short stories such as Love at First Bite, a sweet tale of two queer vampires which was longlisted for the coveted Observer/Cape/Comica Graphic Short Story Prize.

My visual style relies on cuteness and animals as a means of taking ugly feelings and making them more digestible. I think anthropomorphism makes it easier to look at ourselves honestly (not to mention the scope for animal puns!)

​Since graduating from the University of Leeds, I have turned my personal artistic practice into a full time job creating comics, running my online shop and a Patreon as well as working freelance!


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